Why Mahindra Scorpio The Most Selling SUV Car In India

Mahindra Scorpio has made the brand and SUV extremely popular in India. In fact, Scorpio has become leader of SUV segment with the record sell of 4000 unit every month. Almost all brands have SUV model which affected a bit to the market share of Mahindra, still the brand has maintained to stay on the top with highest selling score – 4000 units per month. But, do you know what has kept the car into limelight and what compels people to buy it? Here’re the reasons;


Luxury Feel At Affordable Price


Mahindra has over 22 variants of Scorpio and can be suitable to everyone’s budget. From a layman to the people looking luxury facility, Scorpio has something for everyone. S2 which is 2WD SUV car is suitable for people looking for personal and professional use. Especially, the people living remote areas are fond of Scorpio. For many, it represents their social status.


Even 4X4 SUV Beats Most Of The Luxury Brands: The Scorpio is the only brand which offers ABS and airbags at the very cheap price than that of other brands. You will have to go over 15 lakh to get all shorts facility what Scorpio offers within 12 lakhs.


People Actually Love This SUV Car For Its Reliability


This is my personal experience as I’ve got chance to talk to many people who own Scorpio. They say that they decided to buy Scorpio because they need reliable vehicle which can give breathless service throughout the day and night. Even, Scorpio is favorite SUV car for adventure enthusiast and sports car lover. In short, the car is fully reliable and gives luxury touch to the owner of it.


Also Famous For Numerous Features: The 7-seater car is equipped all latest features, facilities and comfort & power. The 2.2-litre mHawk engine which capable in providing 120 bhp at 4000 rpm and 280 Nm at 1800 rpm. For deep detail, you can contact and visit the Mahindra showroom in Ahmedabad.


Special Features: The car is also equipped with cutting technology including rain sensor, headlamp sensor, driver information display, and 6-inch infotainment systems, supported with all latest device including, USB, Bluetooth, AUX-in, etc.


In short, the car is more than enough to provide you princely feeling. Want to know more about your fav car? Book a Test Drive Now. 

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